3D SIMT Singapore Technology Institute trabaja en conjunto con Instituciones de Singapore de alto prestigio en tecnología.

Singapore es reconocido a nivel mundial como líder en innovación, competitividad y mejores prácticas de tecnología.

Los consultores, instructores, asesores y profesores de 3D SIMT tienen credenciales a nivel internacional lo cual garantiza el alto estándar de calidad en los cursos, programas y posgrados diseñados para ejecutivos y profesionales con experiencia en la industria.

3D SIMT trabaja en conjunto con centros de innovación y tecnología a nivel mundial y con escuelas e institutos de animación y videojuegos de prestigio mundial tales como:

NTU – Singapore

Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media offers a few different degree programs: Digital Animation, Digital Filmmaking, Interactive Media, Photography & Digital Imaging, Product Design and Visual Communication. Each one has its merits but the gold value is being able to mix courses through elective structures.

Their high-profile faculty of Asian animation professionals has created a unique form of technology-infused experimental animation techniques—which puts graduates on the cutting-edge of the industry. Many North American students head to Nanyang for their unique brand of education, then head back to the American mainland to be head-hunted by forward-thinking studios. The creativity infusion created by living in happening Singapore doesn’t seem to hurt either. Another coup for the school is that they actively promote their business modules in order to give their students an edge in the business side of the animation industry.

Hongik University – South Korea

Hongik University in South Korea has long had a solid reputation for its animation program, but its quasi-recent addition (2002) of the street-cred sounding ‘School of Game’ has made it a real treasure for prospective animation students.

Their School of Game (and yes, I DO just love saying that) has two different yet major streams, one on Game Software and the other Game Graphics. Both are leading the Asian video game design market.

As a bonus, students get to choose electives from their other entertainment-focused courses like animation and multimedia design. They also have some great engineering and business management courses that are ideal for students hoping to become animation entrepreneurs.

Tokyo Design Academy

Out of respect to Anime and the other Japanese animation arts we certainly had to include Japan’s most-respected animation school, the Tokyo Design Academy.

If you have a deep appreciation for Asian animation—and can afford to live in Tokyo—then the Design Academy might just be in the cards for you. It isn’t for the weak of heart though because it is probably the most strenuous and soul-consuming program on this list. Oh, and it ain’t cheap and you better know how to draw because it focuses heavily on illustration and hand-drawn pieces. The school focuses heavily on the Anime, Manga and Comic art forms.

NID – Ahmedabad, India

The National Institute of Design is India’s foremost institution teaching design and animation, and considering how good the animation talent is coming out of India these days, that says a lot.

The school’s mingling courses in Graphic Design, Animation Film Design, Film & Video Communication and Exhibition (Spatial) Design are turning out incredibly artsy animators that are providing steady competition for American animation studios. While nobody in animation and gaming likes to talk about outsourcing, NID is the school training the animation masters behind the trend, training artists as well as software experts. They’re good, real good.

National Film and Television School – London, England

While most professionals working in the animation and gaming industry today are doing so with an undergraduate degree—the people LEADING the business have learned the critical thinking skills only learned through a post-graduate course.

That seems to be the story coming out of the National Film and Television School in London. Their industry-leading graduate students leverage the in-depth industry knowledge gained from the school’s Digital Post Production, Directing Animation, Games Design and Development and Production Designpost-graduate courses to re-envision today’s film, animation and gaming industries. If living in dreary old London doesn’t tickle your fancy, know that many of their graduates move on to join or create top production houses across Europe and North America.

9Zeros – Spain

9Zeros in Spain hosts three four-year animation programs: Cartooning, 3D Animation and Stop Motion. The stop-motion program steals the show at this school though as the 400-hour program is good—and the only one on the continent.

This boutique program accepts just 120 students a year. Included in the program is an internship with European-based studios that the school maintains close ties with and an end-of-the-program final project to add to their portfolio. The Spanish animation scene absorbs most of 9Zeros’ graduates.

La Poudrière – France

La Poudrière is an animation school created over a decade ago by France’s most-prominent animation studio, Folimage. The directors at Folimage designed La Poudrière’s program in an interesting way…there is no faculty.

Instead the students are taught by the 60 to 80 guest lecturers that rotate through the campus annually. The school’s two-year animation program focuses heavily on animated film directing, has a max of 10 students per class and is taught primarily via supervised projects to ensure that students get the most hands-on experience possible and leave school with a hefty portfolio.

Another interesting, and highly realistic, part of the program is that students are forced to create their work within given budgets and time schedules.

Ringling College of Art and Design – Sarasota, Florida

When we asked industry execs in our Interview Series where they most often picked up new recruits from, an overwhelming response used the Ringling College of Art and Design as a recruitment ground.

Their four-year bachelor’s degree in computer animation covers all the basics, and then some, with courses like Traditional Animation, Computer Animation, Drawing for Animators, Concept Development and Animation Pre-Production. Their elective choices give their students a well-rounded education and their mandatory animation thesis project ensures their students graduate with a usable portfolio

Gobelins – France

Goeblins is widely considered as the top animation school on the planet, and for good reason. With the world’s toughest animation entrance exam (a 3-hour animation test and story board test) it selects only the top talent.

They are then taught by top working professionals in Europe and a long series of superb guest lecturers. They take unique approaches to student learning, like having a 1-2 minute maximum time length on student films to maximize the range of techniques learned.

Goeblins students regularly win top prizes at Europe’s revered Annecy Festival and America’s Annie and VES awards. Noted graduates include Pierre Coffin, director ofDespicable Me and Eric Bergeron, director of A Monster in Paris and DreamWorks’ Road to El Dorado and Shark Tale.

For a detailed description of the school’s elite animation program click here to watch Eric Riewer’s detailed explanation of the programs talent.

School of Visual Arts (SVA) – New York, NY

The School of Visual Arts’ (SVA) graduates are currently working at Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Blue Sky Studio and Nickelodeon. Their success rate is no surprise given that they have well connected and highly experienced faculty like Yvette Kaplan (Beavis and Butthead Do America, Ice Age).

For a detailed description of the school’s elite animation program click here to watch Eric Riewer’s detailed explanation of the programs talent.

Tisch School of the Arts at NYU – New York, NY

NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts teaches interesting film, animation and production courses via the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film, Television, & New Media (sometimes reffered to as the NYU film school). If you haven’t heard of the institute itself, you’ve likely heard of some of its graduates, like Oliver Stone, M. Night Shyamalan, Joel Coen, Martin Scorsese andSpike Lee.

Their animation courses are taught within the broader spectrum of Film and TV studies yet offer a broad animation-specific education with classes like 2D animation, 3D animation, storyboarding, titles, optical and digital effects, life drawing and history and criticism classes. In addition to having known names on the faculty they also host special guests, guest lecturers and visiting artists, including Chuck Jones, Nick Park, Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, Marc Davis and Faith Hubley. Disney, DeamWorks, Warner Bros, LucasArts, R/GA, Blue Sky, MTV and Nickelodeon all recruit from Tisch.

Parsons The New School For Design – New York, NY

Parsons The New School for Design is at the top of their game in most of the education realms in which they teach. This is certainly true in graphic design, animation, game design and motion graphics.

Their BFA program in Design and Technology, like most of their programs, specializes in the experimental side of animation and game design after recognizing the shift in the industry to highly-creative production with lower production costs.

Parsons is the choice for entrepreneurial-minded aspiring animators as they focus on entrepreneurial skills in addition to traditional skills and techniques. Their studios are state-of-the-art, running industry-favored software like Flash, Maya, Softimage, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.